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A single platform
for augmented reality

Mirage is the home of augmented reality, providing users with a single platform through which to access interactive AR in daily life.

Augmented reality has a problem

The full potential of augmented reality is restricted by a lack of accessibility. AR is currently only offered as a feature on certain websites or on company-specific apps. In order to offer both businesses and consumers the full use and entertainment potential of AR, these features need to be united into a single platform.

A single platform solution

Mirage's platform creates a space for users to interact with augmented reality in a convenient and accessible way. The platform draws together existing AR features onto a single platform and implements local data transfer techniques to create interactive multi-user experiences that enhance daily life. The platform is a new medium for socialising and creates opportunities for companies and consumers alike. Businesses can make unique AR products and services, dynamic advertisements and engaging events whilst consumers can discover a space for creativity and entertainment.



AR interaction

Users can interact with AR and for the first time share the experience in real-time with friends. The platform also provides access to helpful utilities and entertaining features developed by both businesses and individuals.



The marketplace enables users to acquire AR items and offers businesses and individuals the ability to earn through the sale of digital assets. Mirage also encourages a creator economy, inspiring creativity and innovation that ensures a diverse offering of products is available to users.


Social features

The platform brings people together through its various social features such as friends lists, an in-app messaging system and customisable social media add-ins that personalise your AR experience.



An asset creation service that makes it easier than ever to create digital assets, enabling individuals to create products to populate the marketplace and sell on the platform.



Anthony Duncalf | CEO

Anthony is a co-founder and has previous experience in start-ups and the financial sector. He is responsible for the business operations, strategy and marketing as well as managing the company's finances.


Joshua Venters | CTO

Joshua is a co-founder and has a background in industry where he specialised in machine learning, computer vision and server engineering. He is responsible for the technical development of Mirage's platform.



Konstantina Psoma

Kaedim | CEO and Co-Founder

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